I’m a Product Designer who creates meaningful user experience that bridges the gap between brand and product.

I’m driven by a curiosity in human behavior and a passion to translate user insights into empathetic and data-informed design decisions. Coming from an agency background, I specialize in applying UX methodology to solve for user-problems and bring ideas from initial concept to delivery-ready designs across various industries with a large focus in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space. I’m experienced in working cross-functionally within a fast-faced setting to define business goals and product vision.
I believe that creativity is partly fueled by caffeine.

My ingredients to life...

A dash of love for mysteries.

The unknown thrills and challenges me. Veronica Mars was my long-time role model. By high school, I read the entire collection of Sherlock Holmes. In college, I had the most fun one could have while writing a research paper on the BBC show, Sherlock.

A spoonful of Asian-American influences.

Born and raised in a China, I moved to America at age 9. As a child of two cultures, I learned to balance between being flexible enough to quickly adjust to new situations and holding firm to my own values.

A pinch of artistic soul.

I took a bunch of extra classes (violin, ballet, piano...) growing up. Visual arts was the only one that made a permanent place inside my heart. I majored in Fine Arts during my college years, and now it's my daily inspiration.

A zest of appreciation for storytelling.

When I was younger, I read a lot of novels and watched way too many films in hopes to learn English. It succeeded in improving my comprehension levels and taught me lessons that couldn't be grasped in real life.